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Fullfilment models

Increasingly, schools and P&C’s are looking at alternative fulfilment models to meet the needs of their school. Tudor Uniforms have been at the forefront of personalised retail fulfilment models in Western Australia since 1992, offering a multitude of flexible uniform supply models to meet the needs of primary and secondary schools and their wider community.

Tudor Uniforms offer ‘flexible’ tailor made solutions to meet the needs of your school, some of which include:

  • Funding the purchase of all inventory, which relieves the school’s financial requirement to do so
  • Using our newly established robust inventory management and point of sale systems to maintain and manage stock fulfilment throughout the year
  • Providing on-site mangers to staff and manage your uniform shop
  • Providing mobile point of sale systems which track all customer sales and warranties etc with electronic issue of receipts
  • One supplier (Tudor) to manufacture all of your general and specialised uniform needs

Tudor Uniforms remains committed throughout the duration of the agreement and encourages quarterly meetings to measure performance with a major emphasis on quality control and the highest standard of customer service.

Retail Management Solutions

  • Access to our retail store 5 days per week
  • Complete management of your on-campus school uniform shop including in-house design team, ordering, manufacturing and maintaining all of uniform requirements
  • Organised transition fit out and pop-up and back to school shopping days
  • 24/7 secure online ordering with multiple delivery options
  • Access to our customer service and sales support teams

Flexible Wholesale Management Solutions

  • Wholesale pricing for established school uniform shops
  • Shared warehousing solutions
  • Stockholding arrangements for wholesale orders where you ‘pay as you go’ whilst you draw down from your order over a longer period of time
  • 24/7 secure online ordering and delivery to local schools if required
  • Access to our customer service and sales support teams to assist you in managing your seasonal uniform and ordering requirements

Tudor Uniforms only use Education Department approved supply agreements. All agreements are sent to the Director General for approval after being signed. These supply agreements provide schools and P&C’s with the utmost confidence that their uniform supply arrangement is fair and thus cements a trusting open relationship between both parties.


Tudor Uniforms is endorsed by the Department of Education as an ethical & preferred supplier.